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Date Signed: Case Number: Judge: Mag Judge: Case Name: Opinion Type:
11/13/2017 16CA0233M McConnell -- DEREK DIGGETT v NANCY BERRYHILL Published
11/13/2017 10CA0471M McConnell -- USA v PHARMERICA CORP Published
10/12/2017 14CV0295JJM McConnell Sullivan HEKKING V. HEKKING R&R
10/10/2017 1-13CV092WES Smith -- MANCINI vs. CITY OF PROVIDENCE Published
09/26/2017 1-16CV432S Smith -- GeoVera v Poulton Unpublished
09/25/2017 1-16CV0413WES Smith Almond CORREIA vs. BERRYHILL R&R

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