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Specific Civil Jury Instructions

The following jury instructions are “specific” to certain types of civil cases. This table can be searched Topic, and contains all of the cases where this “specific” instruction was given over the last five years (or longer if no charge was given in the last five years).

Statute Descriptionsort descending Jury Charges
Affirmative Defenses
Aggravation of Pre-Existing Condition
All Persons Equal Before the Law
All Persons Equal Before the Law -- Corporations
Arrest for Obstruction
Assault - Elements
Assault and Battery - Defense
Battery - Elements
Bias and Prejudice
Burden of Proof - Preponderence of Evidence - Defined
Burden of Proof - Shifting Burdens of Proof
Civil Rights - Bystander Liability Defined
Civil Rights - Civil Rights Claim
Civil Rights - Damages - Compensatory
Civil Rights - Deliberate Indifference Defined
Civil Rights - Excessive Force - Generally
Civil Rights - Proximate Cause and Damages
Civil Rights - Resisting Arrest - Defined
Civil Rights - Right to be free from arrest without probable cause
Civil Rights - Right to be free from unreasonable seizure
Civil Rights - Seizure - Emergency Admission to Medical Facility
Civil Rights - Seizure Defined
Civil Rights - Seizure for Safety Reasons
Civil Rights - Under Color of Law Defined
Civil Rights - Unreasonable Search
Civil Rights - Unreasonable Search - Excessive Force
Civil Rights - Unreasonable Seizure - Elements
Claims - Multiple
Claims - Separate
Claims - Specific
Concealment or Fraud Provision of Policy
Contracts - Acceptance
Contracts - Breach
Contracts - Consideration
Contracts - Contract Defined
Contracts - Customary Practice
Contracts - Damages
Contracts - Determination of Terms
Contracts - Express Modification
Contracts - Generally
Contracts - Good faith and fair dealing
Contracts - Implied Modification - Implied-in-Law (Quasi Contract)
Contracts - Implied Modification/Implied-in-Fact
Contracts - Interpretation
Contracts - Materiality of the Breach
Contracts - Modification - Adequate Consideration
Contracts - Modification - Burden of Proof
Contracts - Modifications Determined by Objective Manifestations, Not Unexpressed Subjective Intent
Contracts - Mutuality of Agreement
Contracts - Mutuality of Obligation
Contracts - Offer
Corporations - Business Decisions
Damages - Not Punitive
Damages - Breach of Noncompete Provision
Damages - Breach of Nondisclosure Provision
Damages - Calculation
Damages - Collateral Source
Damages - Compensatory - Mental Suffering
Damages - Compensatory - Personal Injury - Pain & Suffering
Damages - Compensatory - Rule Against Double Recovery
Damages - Consider Damages Only If Liability is Proven
Damages - Date Begin
Damages - Economic - Backpay
Damages - Emotional Distress/Mental Anguish
Damages - Loss of consortium
Damages - Loss of earnings/earning capacity
Damages - Loss of Society/Companionship
Damages - Lost Chance of Survival
Damages - Lost Earnings/Wages - Admiralty/Maritime Negligence
Damages - Marine Casualty
Damages - Medical Expenses
Damages - Mitigation
Damages - No speculation
Damages - Nominal
Damages - Party's Failure to Produce Evidence
Damages - Party's Failure to Produce Evidence - Legal Obligation to Keep and Retain Records of Accounts
Damages - Precision Not Required
Damages - Preexisting Injury
Damages - Prejudgment Interest
Damages - Punitive
Damages - Requirement of Causation - Apportionment
Damages - Wrongful Death - Medical and Funeral Expenses
Damages - Wrongful Death - Pain and Suffering
Damages--Uncertainty Caused By Defendant
Defamation - Damages
Defamation - Defined
Defamation - Elements
Defamation - Must be a Statement of Fact
Defamation - Privilege Defense
Defamation - Publication
Defamation - Truth as Defense
Defendants - Individual Liability
Defendents - Consider separately
Description of Discovery Methods
Disparate Treatment
Disparate Treatment - Introduction
Duty of Care - Premises Liability
Employment - Adverse Employment Action
Employment - At-will employment
Employment - Constructive Action as Adverse Employment Action
Employment - Discrimination - Pretext
Employment - Subjectivity in Performance Evaluations
Employment - Willful Violation of the ADEA
Employment Discrimination - Elements
Employment Discrimination - Introduction
Employment Discrimination - Legitimate, Nondiscriminatory Reasons Other Than Age
Employment Discrimination - Shifting Burdens of Proof
Events Preceding Trial
Evidence - Methods of Assessing
Evidence - Post-Incident
Existence of Municipal Policy or Custom
False Arrest - Damages - Compensatory
False Arrest - Damages - Punitive
False Arrest - Elements
False Swearing
Final Policy Maker- Defined
Fraud - Causation
Fraud - Contributory Negligence Not a Defense
Fraud - Damages - Benefit of the Bargain
Fraud - Damages - Bonus Compensation Defined
Fraud - Defined
Fraud - Election of Remedies
Fraud - Elements
Fraud - Knowledge of Agent Imputable to Principal
Fraud - Material Fact - Nondisclosure
Fraud - Material Fact Defined
Fraud - Misrepresentation Defined
Fraud - Misrepresentation of Intention or Promise
Fraud - Plaintiff Has No Duty to Investigate
Fraud - Reasonable Reliance - Nondisclosures
Fraud - Reasonable Reliance Defined
Fraud - Respondeat Superior Liability
Fraud - Silence or Nondisclosure as Misrepresentation
Fraud - Silence or Nondisclosure as Misrepresentation, Incomplete Disclosures, Half-Truths
Fraud - Silence or Nondisclosure as Misrepresentation, Subsequently Acquired Information
Fraud - Standard of Proof
Intentional - Defined
Jury - Interrogatories
Jury - Permissible Inference from Party's Failure to Provide Discovery
Knowingly - Defined
Learned Intermediary Rule
Malicious Prosecution
Malicious Prosecution - Damages - Punitive
Material - Defined
Medical Malpractice
Nature of the Plaintiff’s Claims
Negligence - Automobile owner liable for negligent acts of driver
Negligence - Breach / Deviation from Duty
Negligence - Comparative Negligence
Negligence - Driver of automobile has not duty to anticipate negligence of other drivers
Negligence - Duty & Standard of Care
Negligence - Duty of Care - Duty to Exercise Professional Skill
Negligence - Duty of Care - Medical Provider
Negligence - Duty of Driver of Automobile In - tending to Cross Intersection
Negligence - Duty to Warn - Maritime Case
Negligence - Eggshell skull doctrine
Negligence - Failure to Obtain Informed Consent
Negligence - Foreseeability
Negligence - Hit and Run Vehicle
Negligence - Insurance Policy - Uninsured Motorist
Negligence - Manufacturer Not Required to Make Accident-Proof Product
Negligence - Mere Happening of an Accident
Negligence - Ordinary Care - Definition
Negligence - Reasonable and Prudent Speed
Negligence - Respondeat Superior
Negligence - Respondeat Superior - Employer Liability
Negligence - Standard of Care - Medical Service Provider
Negligence - Uninsured Motorist Coverage
Negligence - Violation of Motor Vehicle Laws as Evidence of Negligence
Negligent Design and/or Negligent Failure to Warn
Nondisclosure of Known Material Risks and Alternatives
Notice of Dangerous or Unsafe Condition On Premises
Objections by Counsel
Occurrence of Undisclosed Risk
Patent Infringement
Patent Infringement - Anticipation
Patent Infringement - Direct Infringement - Doctrine of Equivalents
Patent Infringement - Direct Infringement - Generally
Patent Infringement - Direct Infringement - Literal Infringement
Patent Infringement - Direct Infringement - Means-Plus-Function Claims
Patent Infringement - Invalidity Generally
Patent Infringement - Licensee Unique ID
Patent Infringement - Local & Remote Licensee Unique ID Generating Means
Patent Infringement - Mode Switching Means, Has Matched & Algorithm
Patent Infringement - Obviousness
Patent Infringement - Obviousness: Additional Considerations of Non-Obviousness
Patent Infringement - Obviousness: Level of Ordinary Skill in the Art
Patent Infringement - Obviousness: Scope & Content of Prior Art
Patent Infringement - Use Mode
Patent Infringement - Willful Infringement
Patent Infringement - Registration System
Probable Cause for Arrest
Procedural Instructions
Product Liability - Design Defect
Product Liability - Failure to Warn
Protected Action
Proximate Cause
Proximate Cause – Preexisting Conditions
Reasonable Royalty
Reasonable Royalty - Definition
Reasonable Royalty - Relevant Factors
Reasonable Royalty - Timing
Retaliation Claim
Rhode Island Wiretap Statute -- Elements
Rules of the Road
Single Incident
Special Relationships - Duty to Act for the Protection of Others
Substantial Nexus
Superintendant - Principal Liability
Tortious Interference - Defenses - Justification
Tortious Interference with Business Relationships - Elements
Tortious Interference - Intentional and Improper Defined
Tortious Interference with Contracts - Causation
Tortious Interference with Contracts - Damages
Tortious Interference with Contracts - Elements
Trade Secret - Defined
Trade Secret - Damages
Trade Secret - Misappropriation - Willful and Malicious
Trade Secret - Misappropriation
Trade Secrets - Reasonable Steps to Preserve Secrecy
Unfair Competition - Damages
Unfair Competition - Elements
Unreasonably Dangerous - Defined
Violation of Administrative Rules & Regulations
Whistleblowers Protection Act
Whistleblowers Protection Act - Rhode Island
Willful Infringement
Willful Violation - Defined
Witness - Opinion Evidence – Expert Witnesses
Witnesses - Testimony of Police Officers