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Civil Pro Bono Program

On July 1, 2014, the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island adopted a Plan for Pro Bono Representation in Civil Cases to provide representation to indigent parties in a limited number of civil cases each year.

Panel participation offers a unique opportunity to gain experience in civil litigation in federal court while providing a valuable community service. Additionally, counsel appointed under this Plan may apply for reimbursement to defray certain litigation expenses in accordance with the Guidelines for Civil Pro Bono Attorneys.

This section provides materials to assist prospective panel members in applying to the Court’s Civil Pro Bono Panel, and information to guide current panel members through important issues pertaining to pro bono representations such as appointment procedures, declinations of appointments, reimbursement of expenses, and mentorship opportunities.

Attorneys seeking to join the Court’s Civil Pro Bono Panel should review the following documents before submitting an application to join the panel:

Any questions about the Court’s Civil Pro Bono program can be directed to Michael Simoncelli at (401) 752-7221 or