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Electronic Filing of Motions to Seal

Motions to seal, a separate memorandum stating the basis for the sealing, and the document(s) subject to the motion to seal must be filed electronically using the Court’s Case Management/Electronic Case Files (‘CM/ECF’) system. Filing Users seeking to file a motion to seal must first complete the below computer-based training module and review the below written materials. Please ensure the volume on your computer is turned up as the lesson has instructional audio.

Motions to Seal filed in Civil Cases

Motions to Seal filed in Criminal Cases

Ex Parte Filings

Pursuant to LR Gen 102(b), ex parte motions must be filed electronically through CM/ECF. An ex parte motion does not require a separate motion to seal, but should clearly be labeled “FILED EX PARTE” on the cover page of the pleading.

To file an ex parte motion, click on “Motions to Seal” under “Motions and Other Filings” in the Civil or Criminal Events menus in CM/ECF. From the list of options, select “Ex Parte motion”.

Note to CJA Attorneys: Pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act (18 U.S.C. §3006A), claims for services other than counsel should be made to the Court on an ex parte basis. These requests for services other than counsel should be filed directly in CJA eVoucher—not in CM/ECF.

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