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Register for an ECF Filing Account

Attorneys admitted to the bar of this Court pursuant to LR Gen 201, and who wish to file documents in this Court, must request electronic filing privileges through Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) prior to filing any documents electronically using the Court's CM/ECF system.

Register for an Attorney Filer Account

E-Filers will be able to use one login and password to e-file in every NextGen court where they have been granted e-filing privileges, rather than having to remember a separate login and password for each individual court.  The same login and password will be used to access the PACER system to view dockets and other case information for all federal courts, including those that have not yet upgraded to NextGen

To login to CM/ECF and file documents electronically, please visit http://ECF.RID.USCOURTS.GOV

Pro Se Litigants

Non-incarcerated pro se litigants who wish to file and receive documents electronically, must first:

  • Complete the mandatory interactive CM/ECF training modules located in the Training Resources section of the Court’s website by clicking here.
  • Complete, file with the Clerk’s Office, and serve on opposing counsel the below Pro Se Motion to Obtain an ECF Login and Password

Pro Se Motion to Obtain an ECF Login and Password

A confirmation e-mail, which will include login and password credentials for CM/ECF, will be sent only to those pro se litigants who have been allowed to file and receive documents electronically.