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General Criminal Jury Instructions

The following jury instructions are “general” jury instructions common to every criminal case. This table only includes a judge’s most recent instruction on a particular “general” topic.

Instructions Smith's Instructions McConnell's Instructions
Assessing Evidence Received PDF icon Smith AEC.pdf PDF icon McConnell AER.pdf
Bias and Prejudice PDF icon Smith BAP.pdf PDF icon McConnell BAP.pdf
Conduct of Court/Counsel PDF icon Smith COCC.pdf PDF icon McConnell COCC.pdf
Direct/Circumstantial Evidence PDF icon Smith CE.pdf PDF icon McConnell CE.pdf
Effect of Indictment PDF icon Smith EOI.pdf
Exhibits PDF icon Smith E.pdf PDF icon McConnell E.pdf
Expert Witness/Opinion Evidence PDF icon Smith EW.pdf
Government as a Party PDF icon Smith G.pdf PDF icon McConnell G.pdf
Inferences Defined
Jury Recollection/Rehearing Testimony PDF icon Smith JRC.pdf
Objections PDF icon Smith O.pdf PDF icon McConnell O.pdf
"On or About" Defined PDF icon Smith OOA.pdf
Presumption of Innocence PDF icon Smith POI.pdf PDF icon McConnell POI.pdf
Proof of All Elements PDF icon Smith POAE.pdf PDF icon McConnell POAE.pdf
Reasonable Doubt/Burden of Proof PDF icon Smith RD.pdf PDF icon McConnell RD.pdf
Witness Credibility PDF icon Smith WC.pdf PDF icon McConnell CW.pdf