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General Civil Jury Instructions

The following jury instructions are “general” jury instructions common to every civil case. This table only includes a judge’s most recent instruction on a particular “general” topic.

Instruction Smith's Instructions McConnell's Instructions
Burden of Proof PDF icon Smith BOP.pdf PDF icon McConnell BOP.pdf
Burden of Proof - Fair Preponderance PDF icon Smith BOPPOE.pdf PDF icon McConnell BOPPOE.pdf
Conduct of the Court - General PDF icon Smith COC.pdf
Credibility of Witnesses PDF icon Smith CW.pdf PDF icon McConnell CW.pdf
Damages - Compensatory - Generally PDF icon Smith DCG.pdf PDF icon McConnell DCG.pdf
Damages – Introductory PDF icon Smith DI.pdf PDF icon McConnell DI.pdf
Deposition Testimony PDF icon Smith DT.pdf PDF icon McConnell DT.pdf
Evidence - Defined PDF icon Smith ED.pdf PDF icon McConnell ED.pdf
Evidence - Direct, Indirect, or Circumstantial PDF icon Smith EDIC.pdf PDF icon McConnell EDIC.pdf
Evidence – Exhibits PDF icon Smith EE.pdf
Evidence - What is Evidence PDF icon Smith EWIE.pdf PDF icon McConnell EWIE.pdf
Evidence - What Is Not Evidence PDF icon Smith EWINE.pdf PDF icon McConnell EWINE.pdf
Jury - Communications Between Court and Jury During Deliberations PDF icon Smith JCBCJ.pdf PDF icon McConnell JCBCJD.pdf
Jury - Copy of Instructions PDF icon Smith JCOI.pdf
Jury - Deliberations - General Considerations PDF icon Smith JDGC.pdf PDF icon McConnell JDGC.pdf
Jury - Duty of Jury To Find Facts and Follow Law PDF icon Smith JDFFL.pdf PDF icon McConnell JDTFFL.pdf
Jury - Inferences PDF icon McConnell JI.pdf
Jury - Province of the Court and Jury PDF icon McConnell JPOCJ.pdf
Jury - Recollection Controls - Rehearing Testimony PDF icon Smith JRC.pdf
Jury - Return of Verdict PDF icon Smith JRV.pdf
Jury - Selection of Foreman and Duty to Deliberate PDF icon Smith JSFDD.pdf
Jury - Unanimous Verdict PDF icon Smith JUV.pdf PDF icon McConnell JUV.pdf
Witness - Impeachment - Prior Statements PDF icon Smith WIPS.pdf
Witnesses - Expert Witnesses PDF icon Smith WEW.pdf PDF icon McConnell WEW.pdf
Witnesses - Weight of Testimony PDF icon Smith WWOT.pdf